Who are we?

My name is Steve Reiss. I have been offering fine art photography under the Dalmdad name since before 2007. 2012 marked the 5th Anniversary of Dalmdad Landscape Photography.

My most widely viewed picture is, "Lone Tree- Eastern Arkansas", on flickr. Since 2006, the picture has been viewed close to 54,000 times and is now, for the first time ever, offered for sale, here. Our "Roy's Cafe - Amboy, CA" print won an honorable mention at the 2009 Orange County (CA) Fair.

In the short time since going pro, I have had requests to use my images for textbooks, print magazines, travel signs, and two issues of the Shmap online travel guide (Reno and Paris editions). I have close to 258,000 views of my Flickr photostream.

While we like our pictures to be seen, and offer individual liberal licensing rights, we don’t want our pictures to appear everywhere and anywhere. Therefore, we do not offer our photos through clearing houses, such as Getty Images.

All our products are professionally printed using premium paper and methods. All orders are made on-demand to customer specifications.

Oh...and you can read about our photographic and traveling exploits at DalmDad's Photo and Travel Blog

Joanie Reiss is our business manager. She has extensive experience carrying Steve’s tripod and camera bag, helping switch lenses, reading confusing maps, and convincing me to turn the truck around and go back for pictures. Joanie also protects Steve from falling off cliffs or into ditches.

Joanie Reiss is in charge of making things run smoothly here and in our lives. Her goal is to help you find exactly what you want.

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